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Our goal is to create more sustainable, connected and resilient communities. We do this by providing exciting and motivating educational programs that are based on sound behaviour change theory.  Ecoburbia, as an urban community and farm, is a living demonstration of our intention that we share with others.

Sustainable living veggies from our garden

Urban Farming

Ecoburbia produces 90% of its vegetable needs in summer and 50% in winter – plus some fruit, nuts, eggs, milk, and cheese.

An example of our sustainable living house

Sustainable House

Ecoburbia comfortably houses 9 people, under the footprint of the original home. Good solar passive design and water systems mean Ecoburbia is essential 'off grid' for power and water.

Education Hub

Ecoburbia runs regular workshops, talks and facilitated events to encourage others on their sustainable journey.

sustainable living community kids


Ecoburbia is a demonstration of an innovative housing community as well as being an active part of the wider geographic community.

We have written a book!

Lady Marmalade

Lady Marmalade is a goat who lives happily in the country. But what happens when she moves to the city?

Finding herself lonely and hungry she goes for a walk and discovers a diverse range of neighbours all growing yummy food for her to eat. With the help of Mrs Barretts (growing carrots), Patty Prettice (growing lettuce) and a host of others, she ends up with a full belly and lots of friends to invite to a party.

Behind the scenes

Our Family

Shani, Ecoburbia's Founder

Shani is an ex school teacher and principal, who now enjoys teaching others about adopting a
more sustainable lifestyle.


Tim has degrees in Fine Art and Recreation, and he worked most of his life as a stone mason. He is now a
passionate sand sculptor and musician.

The goats
The Animals

Coco and Lady Marmalade (our goats), Piggy (our dog) and the chooks are an important part of Ecoburbia. As well as providing us with food, they are much loved pets.

Ecoburbia's volunteers


Volunteers visiting from  overseas regularly come and stay, exchanging work in the house and garden for
accommodation. We love the cultural exchange!

Ecobubia's houselings

‘Houselings’ is the special name we have for the people who live here on a long-term basis. They become part of our family.


Creating Connections

Ecoburbia is passionate about community of all types. Our house community, geographic community and communities of interest are all essential to who we are in the world.

We support the local sustainability community through volunteer activities, hosting visiting sustainability practitioners and presenting to local community groups.

But we are most passionate about developing Geographic Community – the community of those people who live in close proximity to us, in our case The West Beacy Bunch!

Sand Sculpture
Facilitation & Celebrancy
What we offer


Ecoburbia provides services including workshops, inspirational talks, facilitation and celebrancy, music, and sand sculpture. We are well known for being inspiring and effective presenters and performers.
Everything we do is carefully designed to meet the needs of our clients and participants.

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