A Painted Fish Wedding

Date:                     A Sunday afternoon in May 2009

Place:                    A couch in a house in the Kimberley Desert

She said:              Will you marry me?

He said:                Yes.

She said:              Where?

He said:                The Painted Fish?

She said:              Yeah!

Six months later, after a move to East Timor and some long-distance planning with Tim & Shani…

 Date:                     28 November 2009 (A perfect weather day in Fremantle)

Place:                    The Painted Fish.

 Enter:    The Pizza Oven.

                A white marquee.

                A little stage between the two frog ponds.

                Some paper lanterns.

                A small choir, a bouzouki and a ukulele.

                A polaroid camera.

                Copious amounts of olives and cheese.

                70-odd beautiful people.

                A bride.

                A groom.

               … And a whole lot of warm, fuzzy love.

Thank you, Tim and Shani for everything:   for making our day run so smoothly, for making pizzas, for MCing, for inspiring us all to make gardens and get chooks and cargo bikes and pizza ovens and build communities. 

 Love from Wade & Gillian x