Just what is Ecoburbia?


Ecoburbia’s intention is to create more sustainable, connected and resilient communities.

Ecoburbia provides exciting and motivating educational programs based on sound behaviour change theory.

The Ecoburbia, as an urban community and microfarm, is a living demonstration of our intention that we share with others.

Ecoburbia is part urban infill development, where we have converted one house into four self-contained living units, tripling the population density without adding to the house’s footprint.

Ecoburbia is part urban farm with chickens, goats, compost and fruit trees, plus a large shared veggie patch.

Ecoburbia is part demonstration sustainable house, with cutting edge energy systems, water collection and dispersal systems and innovative passive solar design.

Ecoburbia is part educational opportunity and community hub, with regular tours, workshops, films and other community events.

How we do this?

By opening our home to the general public during tours and short courses;
Presenting short and long courses for various hosts outside Ecoburbia;
Hosting speakers and workshops at Ecoburbia;
Providing an affordable venue for other sustainable activities;
Providing a one on one sustainable consultancy service;
Celebrate as a sustainable community by running various community events;
Be a conduit, linking various individuals and groups interested in sustainability; and
Providing support and sponsorship to other local sustainable projects.

Ecoburbia is a home. It’s a beautiful home, with a beautiful garden, full of creativity and love. It’s a home that we share – with those who live here, with those who visit. It is a safe place - we grow food, share our space with productive animals, make power, collect water.
Sharing this with others gives us hope for the future.

Gardening Australia story  July 2018