Beetroot and tomato soup

Neither Tim nor I are really into cooking, but having your own produce in the garden does seem to make you more creative. I find I will often head out for a “shop” (a harvest) and will come back and google the ingredients I have found to find a new recipe idea.

beetroot july 09 (3)The other night I had spring onion, the last potato from last year, cabbage, green peas, spinach, boy choy and a huge beetroot.

(The neighbour had a tin of beetroot he was using to store fish food out the front and I could not resist snapping this photo!)

I ended up cooking up the whole lot in a bit of soup stock, adding a jar of tomatoes and a jar of tomato sauce (preserved after last years tomato glut) and blending it all together.

What we ended up with was the richest red coloured soup you could imagine – it was delicious!

Tim was especially impressed when I grated some of Nunzio’s romano cheese into little piles on a baking tray and made 100% cheese biscuits he could dip into his soup.

Nunzio is a wonderful Italian man who drops in most weekends with his van selling fruit and vege from his brothers orchard, hom laid eggs and amazing cheese he and his wife make! When he arrives Tim and I run down the street knocking on everyone’s doors calling “the fruit man’s here!”

Next week is our Living Smarties Reunion dinner for Piney Lakes – guess what I’m going to bring?