Musing With My Mouth Full

Musing With My Mouth Full   Tim Darby.   January 2011 As I sit down to write this I’m chewing on a delicious slice of sourdough bread, still warm having been pulled from the oven just minutes ago. Mmmmm, so am I going to talk about sourdough and recipes?  Well yes ….and, then again, no, not really. […]

The “Official” Post Fiesta Report

The goals of the Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta are to : 1) Celebrate Sustainable Living in Hulbert Street and to 2) Inspire others to take on sustainable actions  So How did we go?From Colin Ashton Graham (our official evaluator!) The Fiesta was a success on a number of levels: About 5,500 people attended and over […]

Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta 2010

By Tim Darby How do you feel about sequels?  As an avid reader, when I find that a book I’ve enjoyed has a second book to follow, I get really excited. I start day dreaming about long winter evenings reading, wrapped in a cocoon of warm fluffy doonas and steamy hot chocolate being transported to […]

Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta – The Final Report

In 2008 Tim Darby and Shani Graham from The Painted Fish hosted the first Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta. The Fiesta featured the opening of The Painted Fish South Beach Eco Village with the Australian Open Garden Scheme, in conjunction with a series of stalls, demonstrations and activities with a sustainable focus, flavoured with food and […]

Chicken Soup – and no shops!

We live in a fairly high density street in South Freo WA. For the last two mornings we have been hearing a rooster at dawn. We lay in bed talking about how nice it was, hoped no one complained to the council (we all have chooks!), wondered where it was, if we could borrow it […]

Busy Bee makes for a hive of activity

(written by Tim Darby) When you were a kid did your dad ever take you to a busy bee? I love ‘em.   When confronted with an insurmountable task, someone puts out the word, a whole bunch of people arrive and start running around (seemingly at random) and then, by beer o’clock, the wall has […]

Guerilla Gardening – Beg For Forgiveness

Once upon a time I used to be a school principal. I first became a principal in an era of devolved responsibility to schools, and my favourite boss used to constantly say “You know what needs to be done – just do it. Beg me for forgiveness later, don’t waste your time with permission now”. Later I worked […]

Youth Tree Day at the Painted Fish – August 22nd

Hey Chidlers You’re invited to a rather awesome hands-on sustainability experience put together by sustainability-gurus-but-not-hippies Tim Darby and Shani Graham of The Painted Fish Eco B&B in South Fremantle. It’s the perfect learning experience for anyone interested in starting a veggie garden, living more sustainably and meeting like minded people. Check out the program below […]

Growing Community – Hulbert Street Gets Ready For the Fiesta September 19 and 20th

Last weekend saw neighbour helping neighbour as residents of Hulbert Street spent the morning readying their verges for the annual Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta, before a shared lunch right out of the street Living Smart garden!   This year the Fiesta theme is “Growing Community” and there is a great deal of evidence of growing […]

Hulbert Street Verge Planting Day

Hulbert Street Verge Planting Day And shared lunch afterwards!  Sunday August 2nd 2009 In the morning we will dig and weed and plant and mulch and  . . .  . . then enjoy lunch together! Ken and Kate will be making some raised beds. Let Tim know if you want to join in (we have […]