Plastic? Fantastic? Fifty and Five

Recently I was asked to speak about Plastic Free July. My specific brief was to talk about 50 bits of plastic I can live without and five bits of plastic I cannot. I thought I would share my speech . . . Lots of fives . . . and funnily enough this will be the […]

Musing With My Mouth Full

Musing With My Mouth Full   Tim Darby.   January 2011 As I sit down to write this I’m chewing on a delicious slice of sourdough bread, still warm having been pulled from the oven just minutes ago. Mmmmm, so am I going to talk about sourdough and recipes?  Well yes ….and, then again, no, not really. […]

The “Official” Post Fiesta Report

The goals of the Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta are to : 1) Celebrate Sustainable Living in Hulbert Street and to 2) Inspire others to take on sustainable actions  So How did we go?From Colin Ashton Graham (our official evaluator!) The Fiesta was a success on a number of levels: About 5,500 people attended and over […]

Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta 2010

By Tim Darby How do you feel about sequels?  As an avid reader, when I find that a book I’ve enjoyed has a second book to follow, I get really excited. I start day dreaming about long winter evenings reading, wrapped in a cocoon of warm fluffy doonas and steamy hot chocolate being transported to […]

What did you expect?

What did you expect?  or Despair , Transformation and Creativity in an Age of Environmental Collapse By Tim Darby  OK. I admit it. For most of the last month I’ve been feeling really miserable. What do you expect? I’m working on a community based program (Living Smart) getting  people to think about the environmental impact […]

Economic Development and Your Speedos

Flicking through a local paper a while ago I came across an ad calling for five community representatives to be involved in an economic development working group to “deliver an economic development strategy … to grow Fremantle’s economy with a focus on increasing employment … and the number of businesses in Fremantle.” After due consideration I don’t think I […]

Living Smarties Sustainable Clothing Session

Join us in a mass pledge to recycle refashion and upcycle your clothes! Twenty plus Living Smarties had a hoot Wednesday night at the Sustainable Clothing session presented by Lesley Thomas and Kerri Barrie. There was a lively trade in clothes and fabrics to swap and lots of discussion about what we could do to take […]

Living Smarties Preserving Night February Meeting

A report on the last Living Smartie night – Vacola preserving, freezing, jams and drying Written by Susie and Jess (and a big thanks to them from Shani!) Amy the happy pearl stringed house-wife, shared her inspiring experience and extensive knowledge of Vacola preserving. She talked about  why she preserved. –   Because she gardens, economics, creative satisfaction, […]

Living Smarties Bee Night November Meeting

Wow! A small but inspired group of people enjoyed extracting their own honey after hearing from Peter about bees. Everyone enjoyed hearing the wide range of information that Peter shared with us, and he was able to answer all sorts of questions – discussions ranged from the similarities between bees and human gender politics and […]

Living Smarties Chook Night October 2009

Our chook night, held on Wednesday October 14th was another great night of sharing – thanks to Ian and Sandy who presented and shared their love of all things chicken, those who sat on the panel and especially Nadia, our special guest. Nadia is a 14 year old chicken who still occasionally lays an egg! […]