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Ecoburbia – 10 years on . . . . .

I wrote this blog in 2013 when we first moved here. Tim and I had a bit of a vision setting session and this was my contribution. We have now been here for 7 years so I thought it might be interesting to revisit it. As I open my eyes I remember that today is […]

The Value of a Verge Garden

  The other day a friend confronted me. “I reckon those garden beds on the verge are a waste of time. People are spending $50 or $100 setting them up and they are kidding themselves. They won’t produce food of significance. It is a waste of time and money. I started to think about the […]

Plastic? Fantastic? Fifty and Five

Recently I was asked to speak about Plastic Free July. My specific brief was to talk about 50 bits of plastic I can live without and five bits of plastic I cannot. I thought I would share my speech . . . Lots of fives . . . and funnily enough this will be the […]

The answer – from a six year old

You know some days every good sustainability crusader wonders if it is all worth it. Deep down we kind of get that the human species will die off eventually. What is the point of all the work, the behaviour change programs, the rallies and petitions? And some days I draw a weird sort of  comfort from […]

Machinations on the Mundabidi (by Tim)

You know that saying, chalk and cheese?  It’s pretty evocative eh?  One smooth and creamy, slipping down your throat with a tasty tang, the other dry, crunchy and tasteless.  You can almost feel the spit drying up in your mouth. Let’s try another word association ‘Mountain biking’ and ‘kids’.  Does it do the same thing […]

Son of Norman – By Tim

For an aspiring urban peasant, the chicken – nature’s ultimate permaculturist – is a must‑have item.  You can fit a chook or two in almost any back yard, they eat your scraps and weeds, and in return give you; eggs, manure, pest eradication, companionship and perhaps best of all their gentle clucking voices give a […]

Sleepless Nights When the Kids Leave Home

At 5.00 o’clock Sunday morning two weeks ago you would have found me fast asleep (probably snoring like a trooper) and dreaming pleasant dreams of urban self-sufficiency after a big Saturday in the garden topped off by a trip to Jarrahdale to pick up our two pet goats, Sunday and Kirsch.   Suddenly my peaceful […]

Everything Bikes

Thursday July 14th Moore and Moore Cafe 6.15 ride for 7pm This should be a fabulous night and a great celebration of everything bikes! Start your night with an early dinner at the Upmarkets (Old Shangai Food Hall) and then meet the Freo Bug crew at 6.15pm  for a ride to Moore and Moore. Make sure […]