Fiesta Update #1

Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta September 19 and 20th 2009 Growing Community The Fiesta planning is going well. Although the Council was not forthcoming with money for our community application, the Sustainability Officer has assisted us so after a budget prune, we are hoping we will not be too out of pocket. The street is planning […]

Beetroot and tomato soup

Neither Tim nor I are really into cooking, but having your own produce in the garden does seem to make you more creative. I find I will often head out for a “shop” (a harvest) and will come back and google the ingredients I have found to find a new recipe idea. The other night […]

Hulbert Street Verge Planting Day

Hulbert Street Verge Planting Day And shared lunch afterwards!  Sunday August 2nd 2009 In the morning we will dig and weed and plant and mulch and  . . .  . . then enjoy lunch together! Ken and Kate will be making some raised beds. Let Tim know if you want to join in (we have […]

Shani’s First Ever Cauliflower!

There is great excitement for dinner tonight! As I headed up to the guerilla garden vege patch for snow peas and bok choy for tea, I thought I would just have a check of what I thought was some rather large cabbage. Imagine my delight to find a fully grown and healthy cauliflower (you do […]

Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta Fremantle 2009 Growing Community

  In 2008 Tim Darby and Shani Graham from The Painted Fish hosted the first Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta. The Fiesta featured the opening of The Painted Fish South Beach Eco Village with the Australian Open Garden Scheme, in conjunction with a series of stalls, demonstrations and activities with a sustainable focus, flavoured with food […]