Our Community

Cappucino Strip Club Jan 2011 L ThomasEcoburbia is a business but we are also a community group imbedded in many different activities in the wider Fremantle community.

We are probably most famous for our low cost month movie nights. Once a month films with a sustainable emphasis are shown. These movies are carefully chosen to show positive things people can do.

Shani established the first Living Smarties group in 2009 - called Freo Living Smarties and Friends. She coordinated an open space conference was in 2011, where over 100 people came to share ideas and their own journey towards sustainability. Ecoburbia now sponsors the Freo Living Smarties group, which continues to meet monthly.

Our other community activities we are involved with include managing "Grow in Freo" - a loose affiliation of all the community gardens and gardening groups in the Freo area. .

We are often asked to present aspects of our journey to various community groups - from local universities, to schools, churches and our local community centre.

We use the circle of concern, circle of influence and circle of action to decide on the activities we will be involved with. Because we are keen to maintain our focus and energies, the only things we don't participate in are petitions, politics and rallies  . . . . . .there is only so much you can do!