Freo Living Smarties and Friends

The Freo Living Smarties and Friends Group

One of the most common comments that we get after people finish a Living Smart course is “I want to keep on meeting!”. People enjoy sharing their stories, successes and ideas with likeminded folk.

After presenting a few courses in the local area and reading a lot about Transition Towns where there is a big focus on locals reskilling locals, Shani decided to set up a monthly Freo Living Smarties and Friends Group.

We have been meeting since May 2009 on the first Wednesday of each month from about 6.30 pm until about 9pm. Generally between 20 and 50 people turn up each week. People bring along some food to share with a cuppa.

There is an underlying assumption that people understand the urgency of the twin issues of peak oil and climate change and are keen to work on continuously making their own lives and communities more sustainable – focussing on positive changes.

Every meeting we spend some time reflecting on what we have been doing to make our lives more sustainable, and sharing with others in small groups.

We then hear from a guest speaker who is a local person who has some skills or interest to share that expands upon some of the topics in Living Smart or show how the tips in Living Smart were applied in practice.

Topics we have covered so far have included measuring your home’s power and water consumption, using carbon offsetting for your home and business, going plastic free – a monthly plastic free challenge, how to reduce your household waste to nothing making your own personal care products, Living Smart in the home and work office,  keeping chickens in the suburbs, bee keeping, home preserving, and alcohol making. Future plans include session to make a solar cooker, breadmaking, cheese making  . . . . .and anything you might like to share.

You do not have to have done a course to join in but you might find it will motivate you to do so!

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