Ecoburbia Monthly Movies

We have been screening sustainable movies on Hulbert Street since 2009, in an effort to spread general awareness about various issues, and encourage people to take action.

We started with a movie screened for Hulbert Street residents and friends. We parked a truck across the street,tied a sheet to the side of it for a screen, balanced the data projector on a bin, and the laptop in a wheelbarrow and invited our neighbours to bring along bean bags and popcorn.

The crowd grew each time we screened a movie until we had up to 150 people sharing food and conversation on the “Hulbert Street Common”. We find as some of the movies can be quite confronting it is good to view them in the company of like mined folk to help with debriefing afterwards.

Our summer movies have proved so popular that for the last two years we have continued to run them over the winter at various venues in Fremantle. Movies are currently screened on the third Friday of each month.

Sometimes people say “sure but aren’t you preaching to the converted?” And sure we find there are many people who come each month, but rather than seeing this as a negative thing we always respond that the movies allow the converted to continue to be motivated and make changes in their lives and community. And each month we meet people we have never met before!

Some of the best movies we have screened include: Power Of CommunityNo Impact Man, Beauty and the Bike, End of Suburbia, Home Grown The 21st Century FarmAustralia's Pumping Empty, The Future of Food, The Story of StuffIn Transition One and Two, The Economics of Happiness, Bag It, Dirt The Movie, Growing Change, Garbage Warriors, End of the Line, Age of Stupid, Food Inc, One  Man One Cow One Planet, Flow for the love of water, Radiant City, The Vanishing Bees, Growth Busters, Gasland, Wasteland . .  .and the list grows each month

Now that we have moved up the hill to Ecoburbia we still run our monthly movies - outside in the garden in summer and inside our community room in winter.

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And for our lastest movie screenings, check our calendar!