Other Events

With such good links to our local and international community, there seems to always be an event that Ecoburbia is involved with.

One recent example include hosting internation systems analyst Nicole Foss. Tim was especially interested in Nicole’s analysis of the world’s economic situation. Nicole was a peak oil analyst who now works full time talking to people about the economic issues confronting us as she believes this will be the first of the big “issues” we will have to confront. (the others being Peak Oil and Climate Change)Ecoburbia coordinated talks in Perth, Fremantle, Margaret River, Manjimup and Albany and a day conference in Fremantle. You can learn more about Nicole here at her blog page The Automatic Earth

Last year we had a wonderful opportunity to welcome Michael Mobbs, author of Sustainable House and Sustainable Food to WA. Again we coordinated talks in Perth and Fremantle and the launch of his latest book Sustainable Food. We also assisted with organising Michael to meet with our local mayor, members of parliament and other community leaders.

We have also hosted sustainability experts such as Peter Cundall, Bill Mollison, and Richard Heinberg

And closer to home we have coordinated talks by many locals, the most recent being a couple who cycled off road from Canada to Chile!

Basically when we hear someone is coming to town we love to get involved. Future dream speakers include permaculture guru David Holgrem who has developed an incredible talk about retrofitting the suburbs for sustainability or the inspiring Dervase family from the Urban Homestead in US.

But if you have an idea for another event, pleas let us know.