Everything Bikes

Thursday July 14th Moore and Moore Cafe 6.15 ride for 7pm

This should be a fabulous night and a great celebration of everything bikes!

Start your night with an early dinner at the Upmarkets (Old Shangai Food Hall) and then meet the Freo Bug crew at 6.15pm  for a ride to Moore and Moore. Make sure you have lots of bright lights and clothing as it will be dark, and we want to be seen!
Meet at Moore and Moore at 7pm and let’s see how many car bays we can fill up with bikes!
Then join your fellow bike enthusiasts a chat and a cuppa (M&M will have cuppas and some simple food available) before the first ever Freo Bike Talent Show.

Please bring your favourite bike photo for a massive bike photo brag board
 The movie Beauty and the Bike will be screened at 8.30pm and it runs for about an hour.

If you are a total bike nut, come along,
if you are not really into bikes but wish you were, come along,
if you have 5 or 6 lyrca bike outfits at home, come along,
if you would not wear lycra if you were paid to, come along,
if your bike is worth more than your car, come along,
if you bike came off the side of the road, come along


 Many thanks to Dismantle,Freo BUG and Moore& Moore for helping organise this event!