Living Smarties Body Care Night August 2009

Although Bea , our expert home soap maker was not able to make it, sisters Steph and Maritza did a great job, and inspired many in attendance. A list of people interested in learning more about soap making has been taken, and it is hoped that Bea will run a “hands on” session soon at our local Meeting Place. Please email Shani if you want to join the group of people interested in this session.

Aug 09 (2)

Steph and Maritza began their session sharing the different ways they dealt with their monthly periods – Steph showing us her “moon cup” and Maritza taking about her home made menstrual pads. She shared a pattern she obtained from There was strong interest in holding a “pad sewing day” so keep your eye out for that in the near future, and again let Shani know if you are keen. (Shani’s mum has already ordered her “plastic” lining –her first on line purchase!)

Steph shared her recipe for leg wax and there were a few ladies (and the odd man!) keen to try this cheaper and more environmentally friendly option to salon visits.

The recipe consisted of  1.5 cups of white sugar ,½ cup strained lemon juice and 1 tbsp glycerine .

Heat sugar and lemon juice slowly and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Brush sugar crystals from the sides of the saucepan with water. Once sugar is dissolved, increase heat until the sugar syrup is at a gentle boil. Take off the heat when the syrup turns a caramel colour. Add glycerine and store in a jar. Can be heated in a microwave or in a pot of boiling water. Use with cloth strips.

Steph also talked about how she makes her own moisturisers. She recommended a book she bought online called The Aromatherapy Handbook for Beauty Hair and Skin Care and the online store New Directions for ingredients. Steph shared some great tips for those interested in making their own face creams , including being specific with the measurements, investing in a set of digital scales and a good thermometer, and emphasised that it is a more exact science than you might think.

Aug 09 (4)Everyone enjoyed the session and the excitement Steph and Maritza shared in what they were doing. Steph described it like cooking – she loved taking very simple ingredients and making something really nice from them. She shared the joy she derived from this process, and it was quite contagious!

Steph forgot to share her toothpaste recipe but I have contacted her to find out what she does. A quick google search brings up lots of recipes!

Next month our session will focus on Living Smart in the office – at home and work. Angela will share some of her tips for streamlining your waste in the office and members of the Gull Environmental Sustainability Team will share how they have been encouraging their whole workplace to live more simply.

Please come along on Wednesday September 2nd and share any successes you have had in your work place or home office. Meet as usual at Beconsfield Primary School library at 7pm, bringing a snack to share and a mug for a cuppa.