Living Smarties Chook Night October 2009

oct 09 chooks (20)Our chook night, held on Wednesday October 14th was another great night of sharing – thanks to Ian and Sandy who presented and shared their love of all things chicken, those who sat on the panel and especially Nadia, our special guest. Nadia is a 14 year old chicken who still occasionally lays an egg!
Thanks to Ian and Sandy for the info below

10 Good Reasons to Have Chooks in Your Backyard…
1. Chooks give you infinite pleasure.
2. They are good pets for kids & adults.
3. Chooks will save you money.
4. They turn your scraps into eggs.
5. Chooks give you free fertiliser.
6. You will get fresh ethically produced eggs.
7. Chooks eat garden pests.
8. You will reduce your food miles.
9. Mouth-watering Roast Chicken – reconnect with where your food comes from.
10. There is nothing better than seeing a child with his/her chook with a mob of chicks!

oct 09 chooks (2)10 Things that Chooks Need
1. Shelter
2. Roosts
3. Food
4. Other Chooks
5. Dust Bathing Areas
6. Shell Grit
7. Clean Water
8. Air
9. Protection from
hawks, foxes, dogs
10. Sun

How to Find Chooks
In WA there are lots of places you can find the chook for you. Here are a few suggestions…
You can buy the Quokka Thursday and find a whole range of chooks advertised, from day old chicks to laying hens, free chooks, breeding pairs, roosters etc.
OR You can go Online…
WA Poultry Trader
Clucky Hen Hatchery
Comps Poultry
Eggschange Auctions

This website is great for chook info

 Note: Each council in Perth has their own set of regulations for keeping chooks and will tell you if you can have roosters or not, so it is worth checking it out with them.

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