Living Smarties “Excess Night”

For our July Freo Living Smarties and Friends Night we had what started as a “waste” night. We soon decided it need to be changed to an “excess” night. People brought along things they had at home that they wanted to give away or swap, we watched the fantastic Story of Stuff  (you can download it for free!) and we had two speakers.

Alex H talked about the month that he and his mates went plastic free – what that meant, how they did it, and what things they could not avoid. He shared that the most interesting bit for him was the awareness raising of just how much we use plastic. I think a few people left thinking it might be a nice thing to try amongst friends or work colleagues.

junjul09-021Alex M shared the different ways he has tried to reduce the waste in his household – from shredding newspaper to composting everthing, buying in bulk and making bread he was full of great tips and good humour. It was interesting to see how much paper a household collects.


junjul09-023We also had a bit of a “share what you have made with something that you thought was ‘waste’ Shani’s mum won the night with the hat and skirt she made out of the blanket she was given when she left home at age 12!


Next month’s topic is Body Care, and Bea has promised to share her tips for making soap at home, while Steph shares some of the ways she reduced her waste and uses less chemicals making her own toothpaste etc.

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