"Ecoburbia is an inspiration and a solution for every citizen and every street - the answer to our energy, water, soil and resources challenged are outside our house in our gardens and streets; they've proven it."

Michael Mobbs, Sustainability Coach, Sustainable House and Sustainable Food

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Over the years, we have become two of Perth’s most well known “Sustainability Gurus”

The work we do includes: running movie and discussion nights -presenting Living Smart courses and facilitator training -giving motivational talks to groups of individuals and -running various hands-on workshops.

Although best known for our Living Smart courses and the famous Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta, the our team now offers various other educational opportunities relating to sustainable living.

Our talks, workshops and courses always incorporate sound adult learning principles, with lots of time for interaction, hand on activities, and a bit of fun and laughter!

Rather than focussing on the difficult issues we face, we pride ourselves on looking at what individuals can actually do; leaving participants motivated and encouraged to make changes in their own lives and communities.

We can design a one off session or a series of workshops to meet your needs - just get in touch!