The following supporting statements come from a range of people - from the Fremantle mayor, the editor of a leading sustainable magazine to international speakers.

Tim and Shani show the sort of vision that Australians are desperate for, but which is sadly in very short supply among our leaders. They have turned their vision of co-operative, sustainable urban living into a pulsating, energising, and world-beating reality.  I honestly believe that they are ahead of nearly all community sustainability projects anywhere in the world.  They are an ongoing inspiration to me, my readers, and all who have contact with them. Alan Gray, Editor, 'Earth Garden' magazine.

Shani, Tim and their neighbours in their wonderful street are an inspiration and a solution for every citizen and every street - the answer to our energy, water, soil and resources challenges are outside our house in our gardens and streets; they've proven it. Michael Mobbs, Sustainability Coach

I think that quite possibly the full impact of Shani and Tim's teachings and the lives they have touched may never be known.  That's because they don't just 'teach a method', they inspire and empower people to make real changes in their lives and communities.  I have know participants of their courses create community gardens, start riding bikes, run sustainability events, change workplace cultures, start action groups and even change careers.  Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, , Sustainability & Waste Education, Western Metropolitan Regional Council

Shani and Tim have made sustainability fun, real and practical for the whole Fremantle community. They have shown that true sustainability not only reduces our ecological footprint but also creates better communities and makes them more economically resilient. It has been inspiring to see how they have lead the way in the necessary transformation that needs to be made towards a more sustainable society and I have recommend them for this award with full enthusiasm and heartfelt  thanks. Brad Pettitt, Mayor, City of Fremantle

Tim and Shani have been a leading light on sustainability for Fremantle for many years. Through the Hulbert Street Fiesta, Living Smarties and now Ecoburbia - they expertly mix knowledge and practical information with kindness and good fun to create transformative action in the community. They have inspired many thousands of people - including me – undertaking exceptional and necessary work to help transition our community to a cleaner, happier and more sustainable one. Rachel Pemberton  Fremantle Councillor