We always hate it when you get to a website and there is no mention of price.

But at the same time we understand why people do it. Our costs very greatly depending on what it is we are doing, who is paying and how many people are involved.

For example if you come on one of our three hour house tours as an employed individual you will pay $20, someone underemployed or doing a Living Smart course might pay $10. A school group will pay between $200 and $400, and a corporate or local government might pay $600.

If you want us to come and do an hour talk again it will vary - from free, to $200 for community groups, $400 for councils or government agencies to $600 for corporate clients.

Workshops or hands on sessions of 2 hours or more can vary from $600 to $1500 depending on the materials and preparation required.

A nine session Living Smart course will cost between $5,500and $7,000 depending on the travel involved, and a Living Smart facilitator course generally costs about $1,000 a day.

So after all that -  it probably is best to give us a call!