Developed over several years Shani runs an informative, interactive and fun two day Facilitation Training.

During the first day, the essential elements that make a good learning experience are explored, including:
-setting up a room for maximum learning outcomes;
-finding out what the group knows and wants to know;
-developing good lesson aims;
-negotiating group norms;
-dealing with “difficult” people;
-using sound adult learning principles;
-goal setting and behaviour change elements;
-and how to develop both lesson plans and a curriculum that matches the needs of the group you are working with.

During this day material will be presented using cooperative learning strategies that can be applied in different situations. After each strategy is used, some debrief time will allow participants to consider how they might use the strategy in their own work. Strategies will include: find someone who, placemat, triad listening, card cluster, using case studies, rotating groups, snowball, moodline, expert groups, and graffiti. These strategies are all applicable to a wider variety of situations.

The second day (usually a week or two later) of this training is a day of showing and sharing , with participants sharing a presentation or workshop plan and a 20 minute segment of that learning experience in small groups. There will be plenty of time for feedback and discussion.

In the afternoon participants have time to work on a presentation or workshop they will be doing at some point in the future, or one they have given and want to improve. Their ideas will be presented to the group for feedback and further ideas.

As part of the program participants will receive a package including an outline of a good lesson plan and information on all of the strategies used over the weekend.

Participants should come to this training with some workshop or presentations they have used in the past, a new presentation they are working on, and /or some ideas about something they would like to present one day.


Some responses to the course:

Shani is a fantastic teacher, a real encourager who will help to bring out the best in you. I have found myself a much more capable and confident presenter since taking a version of this 2 day course. Participant 2019

This facilitator course has added to my knowledge base and helped me to reflect and refine my facilitation practises. I have greatly valued Shani’s facilitation style, content presented, and opportunity to connect with like minded Living Smarties.  Participant SA 2019

This facilitator’s course gave me a much greater understanding of the role a facilitator (teacher) plays despite having attended previous training and doing facilitation as part of my job for years. Participant SA 201

This training runs once or twice a year. Please email Shani at if you are interesting in finding out about the next course.


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