Movie and Discussion Nights

beauty 2 Jan 11Having hosted monthly sustainable movie nights for the last four years, we own quite a collection of inspiring and fascinating documentaries and movies.

Because we focus on movies that uplift and encourage people to make changes, these movies are perfect for groups interested in holding their own movie nights. We have also have developed several techniques that encourage interaction and discussion amongst movie goers.

Plus - we have all the gear - data projector, speakers, laptops and a sheet for the screen. Ready for a street movie, one inside in a local hall, or any venue at all.

Here is a list of movies we recommend for movie and discussion evenings - in no particular order.

The Clean Bin Project  Young Canadian couple competing to see who can have the least waste in one year. currently our favourite movie. Funny, and good for younger audiences. Will provoke lots of discussion about plastic, packaging and “stuff"

The Lightbulb Conspiracy. Did you know that there is a light bulb is a fire station in the US that has been burning for 100 years? Yup the invented them to go for a long time and then had to reinvent them to fail when they realized people would only have to buy them once a lifetime. This movie has more about built in obsolesce generally.

Play Again – An interesting movie about screen time. Takes screen addicted kids (one boy is looking at screens 18 hours a day) out to the US woods. Interesting, especially if you are honest and ask yourself – how addicted am I?

DIVE – An interesting movie about dumpster diving. A frightening look at not just the food we throw out, but the issues in trying to match that food to people who need it. Sometimes encourages people to try out their local dumpster.

In Transition –stories of Transition initiatives around the world. These are very inspiring stories based on the idea that we have to work now to create the future we would like to see in the world.  There is now version one and two!

The Power of Community – How Cuba Survived Peak Oil. This is a classic movie that everyone should watch. It is described as a "peak oil experiment" and has implications for the rest of the world. It has a positive about what we can do right now in our neighbourhoods.

No Impact Man Very entertaining story of a US man and his family who try and become "carbon neutral" in their LA apartment. Sort of reality TV meets eco warrior! Appeals to large group of people, and will lead to interesting discussions.

Beauty and the Bike Looks into why English girls don’t ride bikes and takes a group to Germany to try out riding in a bike friendly place. Good for teenagers and talks about bike infrastructure. Shot by a photography so lots of beautiful images.

End of Suburbia – Classic American peak oil movie. People talk about their “end of suburbia moment” being when then really get peak oil! This is essential viewing.

Australia’s Pumping Empty – A bit like End of Suburbia but Australian based. We usually use this in our Living Smart courses and find people usually want to borrow it to show their friends

Home Grown The 21st Century Family Farm Story of the Dervaes family in Pasadena California who basically run an organic farm from their urban backyard, about 100 metres from a major freeway. Inspirational stuff!

The Economics of Happiness – Explores the push for the relocalisation of our lives. Reinforces the importance of community and doing it all locally.

Bag It – Great movie about plastic, shot in quite a funny doco style, with a bit of a Michael Moore feel. Good for Plastic Free July or Plastic Free Lunch initiatives.

Growing Change A Journey into Venezula’s Food Revolution – brilliant movie about food in Veneuzula, made by an Australian with lots of lessons for use here !

Living without money  This movie is certain to get the crowd talking. Follows a woman who has lived with no home and one bag of clothing for over ten years. She spends her life teaching people about what we really need. The question is, is she a modern day saint or bludging off her friends?

Wasteland  Story of an artist working in world’s biggest garbage dump in Brazil to create art pieces from "rubbish". This is really wonderful movie that is actually about the concept of art as well.

Queen of Versailles – A story about a ridiculously rich family with the biggest house in US. This doco follows them through the 2008 financial crisis  and we watch what it does to them. Not a usual movie you would expect to be on this list but it will get you talking about economics and the house of cards it all is!

If you would like to come along to our movie nights, they are currently held at Ecoburbia on the first Friday of every month. Check our calendar or subscribe to our email list.