What people say about us


The following supporting statements come from a range of people – from the Fremantle mayor, to
the editor of a leading sustainable magazine and international speakers.

Tim and Shani show the sort of vision that Australians are desperate for, but which is sadly in very
short supply among our leaders. They have turned their vision of co-operative, sustainable urban
living into a pulsating, energising, and world-beating reality. I honestly believe that they are ahead
of nearly all community sustainability projects anywhere in the world. They are an ongoing
inspiration to me, my readers, and all who have contact with them.

Alan Gray

- Editor, 'Earth Garden' magazine.

Shani, Tim and their neighbours in their wonderful street are an inspiration and a solution for every
citizen and every street - the answer to our energy, water, soil and resources challenges are outside
our house in our gardens and streets; they've proven it.

Michael Mobbs

- Sustainability Coach

I think that quite possibly the full impact of Shani and Tim's teachings and the lives they have
touched may never be known. That's because they don't just "teach a method", they inspire and
empower people to make real changes in their lives and communities. I have known participants of
their courses create community gardens, start riding bikes, run sustainability events, change
workplace cultures, start action groups and even change careers.

Rebecca Prince-Ruiz

- Sustainability & Waste Education, Western Metropolitan Regional Council

Shani and Tim have made sustainability fun, real and practical for the whole Fremantle community.
They have shown that true sustainability not only reduces our ecological footprint but also creates
better communities and makes them more economically resilient. It has been inspiring to see how
they have lead the way in the necessary transformation that needs to be made towards a more
sustainable society and I have recommend them for this award with full enthusiasm and heartfelt

Brad Pettitt

- Mayor, City of Fremantle

Tim and Shani have been a leading light on sustainability for Fremantle for many years. Through the
Hulbert Street Fiesta, Living Smarties and now Ecoburbia - they expertly mix knowledge and practical
information with kindness and good fun to create transformative action in the community. They
have inspired many thousands of people - including me – undertaking exceptional and necessary
work to help transition our community to a cleaner, happier and more sustainable one.

Rachel Pemberton

- Fremantle Councillor

Workshops & Activities

Just had a great time enjoying your workshop. . .   I signed on  because I was confused and didn’t
feel I could trust my intuition (I grew up in England and can’t quite convert my childhood rote
learning to different soils (clay to sand!), climate and seasonal variations, and bugs - despite living
here happily 30+ years!).  So it is great to have your hands-on friendly mixture of recipes, telling,
showings and getting us to be involved and interactive with thoughts, preferences, questions-  and
just enjoying your personality.  
I so much needed the down-to-earth straightforwardness that you bring, laced with rich experience
and a host of stories that make it fun and give us the sense of joining in the adventure of seeing
what happens…Now I can get going in a less serious and more playful way - wondering, trying out an
idea,  watching, waiting, seeing what works and what doesn’t.  Perfect!  Your enthusiasm made me
want to have a go, frosted with helpful tips on top of lists of  basic ingredients for compost and
mulch and so much more.  
What a fun, inviting and lively couple of workshops.  What I love is that your ‘knowledgeableness' is
something you are excited about sharing with other people so they can enjoy growing things: you
want us to "get it" and that makes it a pleasurable, inclusive and generative communal experience. It
brought back the passion and the sense of “I can, and I will”!


- Gardening workshop participant

I would like to thank the Cockburn libraries, City of Cockburn and Ecoburbia to put on such an
amazing event and event series on sustainability. I find these events inspiring and extremely helpful.
After the solar passive house, my partner and I literally started immediately with small home
improvement projects that already have paid off in two weeks with the house’s atmosphere.


- Solar Passive House design workshop participant

Great presenter who is excellent at transmitting information in a fun way.

Joondalup Productive Backyard workshop participant

Thank you for last night Shani. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much. You really are fantastic at
getting people inspired and love the way you share your knowledge. It made me feel confident and
empowered to create my own compost. You really are the best at talking “shit” I have already
shared my knowledge on composting with three of my neighbours.


- Composting workshop participant

I can’t express how grateful I am for your Living Smart program And the visit to Ecoburbia. It has
made me review everything I do and question whether it can be done more sustainably. And sure
enough, almost everything can. The baby steps I’ve made so far are: walking to-from Chiro and GP
appointments (from Parmelia to Wellard); organising a composting system; some very amateur veg
gardening, producing a few lovely zucchini, onion, chive and broad bean seedlings, and a small table
full of Feijoa, lemon, mandarin and grapefruit seedlings grown from pips. There are so many other
things I will be looking into as a result of your course, e.g. getting my bike fixed up, transforming our
nature strip into a bio diverse garden area. My husband unfortunately is not keen on ‘humanure‘,
but as I said ‘baby steps’!
Since moving to Cowling Way, Parmelia, two years ago, we have become a little community with our
surrounding neighbours. We have supported each other as a family, through bereavement,
unemployment, and this pandemic. We even have a social distancing gate cut into our garden fence
and we had driveway drinks throughout the lockdown period. We are so lucky! I am hoping, over
time, to pass your inspiration into our little neighbourhood community and expand it into more of
an eco-living hub.


- Living Smart Program participant

Highly recommend doing this course while you have a chance to. Because of Aunty Rona this round
of Living Smart is happening online and is therefore OPEN to participants worldwide. Woo!
If you want to change the world through small decisions, starting at home. If you want to refresh
your perspective on your individual impact on the planet. If you want to meet some cool people and
chat to them. If you need some accountability and a cheer squad. If you like to garden, or grow
veggies or want to minimise your waste, or save water, or learn about how to build community . . . .
Or a hundred other things plus a sprinkling of extra inspiration – do this course.
Shani is a wonderful and engaging course facilitator, who effortlessly manages to make an online
course not feel like a “lecture”, respects an adult learning environment and encourages participation
without it being an afterthought.


- Online Living Smart participant

Everyone I’ve spoken to that attended the workshop on Saturday commented about how good it
was and others have said they need to come to the next one, so we will have to advertise the next
one for them.  I must admit, I came because I wanted to learn more about composting but had an
absolute ball “the most fun I’ve had without alcohol” for a long time.

Community Centre Manager

Shani Graham is a passionate educator and skilled course and workshop presenter.  Her highly
engaging and successful instructional techniques keep all the participants motivated on their
learning journeys. Shani combines her comprehensive background knowledge with practical
applications for learners so that they can embrace the sustainability ethos, connect with others and
embrace becoming community advocates for the environment.
Her attention to detail in preparation, delivery and evaluation is commendable.  I highly recommend
Shani as a course facilitator.


- Carnegie, City of Wanneroo

Shani is a great presenter who engages and captivates her audience. Shani is inclusive and
encourages collaboration and shares her wealth of knowledge in fun and inspiring way. Shani leaves
participants feeling empowered and with a set goal in mind to action. Feedback from participants
was overwhelmingly positive with everyone leaving the workshop excited that they too can make a
change in their community. We look forward to having Shani back again.

Penny McCall

- Online Course participant; Community Development Officer - Health and Wellbeing