The “Official” Post Fiesta Report

The goals of the Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta are to :

1) Celebrate Sustainable Living in Hulbert Street and to

2) Inspire others to take on sustainable actions 

So How did we go?From Colin Ashton Graham (our official evaluator!) The Fiesta was a success on a number of levels:

About 5,500 people attended and over 70% were first time visitors to the event (showing that the event is reaching new audiences and not ‘the usual sustainability suspects’);

50% attended because of a recommendation/ invitation from friends (showing that previous visitors recommend the Fiesta);

Almost everyone who attended in previous years reported taking a new sustainability action as a result (84 actions for every 100 people who previously attended);

 Of the people attending this year there were 90 new learnings/ ideas and 95 intentions to act on a sustainability change for every 100 people through the exit:

 Most of the Fiesta features/ events/ services were rated as very interesting/ interesting by at least 80% of attendees.

 The number and length of positive unsolicited comments shows that the Fiesta set up a ‘social contract’ with the people attending, hence people wanted to give back. See the end of this blog for a  list of unsolicited emails and letters received.

 ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Community’ were the major motivations for people to attend and ‘seeing sustainability’ (through homes, gardens, demonstrations etc) were the most highly appreciated aspects of the Fiesta.

 For most of the actions tested at the Entry and Exit to the fiesta, the overall likelihood of implementing actions increased. Further measures of the actual implementation of new sustainability actions and changes in intentions and attitudes will be measured over the coming months.

 Improved communication (in advance, in programs or over an event PA) could improve the engagement with speakers, commitment flags and activities.  There was also demand for more/ more choice of foods, more shade for sitting in and some toilets lower down the street.

 And financially? This was the first year the Fiesta was in the black (eg last year we ran at a $1,500 loss) The Fiesta costs an estimated $69,361.18 to put on, with $48,650 of this being in kind support.

 The great debrief meeting About a month after the Fiesta a meeting was held with street residents and other interested volunteers.

There was a great deal of support for running the Fiesta again next year, with a similar format. The date for next year’s Fiesta was set (September 24th and 25th 2010) and suggestions and issues discussed.

Ideas for next year included: Add pack up procedure to volunteer list instructions

Offer free accommodation to people to stay at the Painted Fish over the weekend – have to clean etc on Friday and be out all day!

Keep street layout (ie stall tents on one side open homes on the other) All stalls out on the road (eg Pledges and LS in drive of Painted Fish did not work) Put more tables for sitting in PF driveway.

Have free water and sunscreen available!

Comment ideas box at entrances/ exit.

Get someone to be an official  money collector .

Get someone to coordinate and keep an eye on Living Smart Stall.

Order 600 posters and 1500 postcards.

Have an Aboriginal Welcome each day.

Toilets at both ends of the street with better signage.

Better labeling for bins – have a “waste depot” with information.

Don’t go over Douro Road for couch race .

A couple of open garden homes are interested in running a tea stall.

Sandra suggested she needed a better entry statement to bring people in to her studio.

 Discussions Several suggestions for next year were discussed.

It was suggested that the Fiesta should be meat free. It was decided not to do this, but to encourage all food stalls to have a choice for people. It was also suggested that a display could be set up with information about the environmental impacts of eating meat.

 There was a suggestion that there be an organic beer tent next year. It was decided this was inappropriate and would add a more complex level of risk.

 There was quite a bit of discussion about the Speakers Tent. Most people seemed positive about the idea of a Speakers Tent but agreed that the tent site was inappropriate. Ideas for next year included several smaller “show and tell” tents, gathering a “crowd” for the beginning of each talk, and ensuring the set up allowed for good views of powerpont type displays.

 There was a feeling from some that the Fiesta had got a bit too big and commercial in nature. Processes for decisions about stalls and participation was discussed. While it was suggested that there should be less entertainment, the discussion that followed suggested most people felt that the busking areas provided a great opportunity for local groups to showcase their love of music or dance.

 Much discussion about the identification of street residents. Issues included finding an easy ways to identify a number of people without creating more “stuff” (eg Tshirts). It was also suggested and agreed that there were so many non Hulbert Street residents that volunteered and deserved to be recognized as well. Ideas included an apron with a screen print that could list a house number. It was decided that since Fiona was willing to take this job on again next year, she would make any final decisions.

 The centrally coordinated activities at this year’s Fiesta were considered a great success and the combination of remaking stall, basket weaving, wood work and the fairy garden were well supported. Ideas for consideration for next year included:  A kid’s drawing/ painting area,   Feltmakers Association,  Spinners Guild, Pottery Clay workshops, Sandcastles, Mosaic workshops, Paper making workshops and a  Story teller.

The Fiesta is in many ways an “Open Space” for people to come and share and try ideas. It was agreed that the Fiesta should remain as open as possible, and in the end those people who were willing to organise a stall, event or activity should have the final say in how things were done, assuming the Fiesta’s main objectives were met.

Letter and emails received (see if you can find the one bad one!)

Congratulations on a fantastic fiesta!!I had a great two days talking to lots of people that loved our car as much as we love it!!It was wonderful to be able to talk to people that were really interested in our seemed to make it all worth while. The response to the car was incredible!!Thanks for letting us be part of your fiesta. Regards Peter and Paula Samson

my favourite part of the fiesta… how Tim and Shani did not use the pronoun “I” my view is not to use any more resources than we need to…let re-use the scarves! i havent done this, so i shall share it with everyone now, the things that ive been doing over the years -wash dishes with just water when possible -turn off all unnecessary appliances/lights -buy recycled clothing/donate what i dont use -have shorter showers -dont leave the tap running when i brush my teeth -try to buy food in recyclable packaging i pledge not to buy any more guitars! Abe

Congratulations on a fantastic Fiesta.  I was at work today and three others from school also happened to go to the Fiesta on the weekend.  One of the girls went because I’d forwarded her the information and she took her grown up ‘kids’ and partners.  They all got lots of ideas and one of the girls went looking for ideas and got them.

 I’m going to start a no dig garden on the front nature strip, planning on this Sunday and I’m hoping it will just catch on.  Rather than trying to rally neighbours together.  I’ve already collected some things I need today.

 This is just a small way of feedback to the amazing impact that I’m sure the weekend had.Success is found when we live our dreams!  Well done and thank you. Lots of love and light Jo Flynn

Hey Shani’n’Tim Received this from a friend who lives in Swanbourne and I heartily agree.It was a brilliant event, worth all the hard work.  Hope you can take it easy for a few days!   Libb Hi Lib – loved the Hulbert St event – food for the soul!! Thanks for the tip off!     Les

Hi Shani & Tim, Thanks for another fabo festival!  Had a ball! Very best,    James

Hi Shani & Tim,Wonderful Fiesta! Being on the Hulbert Street Walkway was great most people were happy to donate even stall holders and in the 2 hours I was there only 3 people didn’t donate a coin 2 Murdoch people and 1 performer. With the counting of people who came through I counted children but not babies, I hope that was alright. Great day it made people happy and I think it changed consciences.Thanks Leah

Hi Shani !!! OMG what an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT FIESTA…the crowds tell the story. You could hardly move for people. I have added some pics to the PlanBig facebook page and more on my personal PlanBig page. I just loved the painted fish house and all the incredible ideas/ features. I can see why you are so incredibly passionate about what you do and why everyone wants to be a part of it including the Byford Bendigo Community Bank. You must be exhausted tonight so put your feet up Queen Bee that’s an order. My husband Christian met your husband Tim briefly and he came away feeling like he wanted to dig up the grass on the back lawn and put in a vege garden. That to me speaks volumes. See you soon hopefully. Keep buzzing!!!

Hi Shani & Tim, It WAS absolutely wonderful! thanks for letting us drum and being part of it, everybody I met at the festival felt inspired and like making some sustainable changes when they got home! It was heartwarming, inspiring, moving, hope giving and a huge community builder and advocator!! Well done,   love Jozina

Hello Tim and Shani and the residents, Thanks very much for setting up such a brilliant event and letting everyone enjoy the street over the weekend. It was fantastic to have so many like minded people coming through and being able to chat with a lot of them I was very grateful for the opportunity.

 A couple over little ol’ ladies came through The Painted Fish over the weekend. They were sisters one was 82 the other was 71 they struggled down the path and sat at the table down near the carriage I walked over to them and the younger one (Phylis) said “I was born in this house”. It was very special seeing them talk to each other about what they got up to and their old dad and his horse and cart. Anyway they left a little message with their phone numbers I reckoned it would be great to get their story recorded for posterity as listening to them was magic. Thanks and regards.Peter 

another X to you both.. beautiful people. Sleep .. you deserve a little rest for one minute.xx

Shani and Tim, When I first arrived in Perth nearly five years ago I was depressed by my initial perceptions of the city… me on the surface it seemed affluent and beachy and fun but lacked depth and culture and most importantly a sense of environmental sustainability.  Some old friends pushed us in the direction of Fremantle and said “you’ll feel at home here” and they couldn’t have been more right….. last weekends fiesta confirmed that for me yet again. The sense of joy, peace and cooperation in Hulbert street truly embodied the word community.  It gives me hope for the future and for my children ………and confirms my gut feeling that we are here to stay……it was a pleasure to be involved and I’ll be back again next year.    See you soon.   Jess

Congrats to Tim and Shani for getting this whole event off the ground ( to put it mildly !) and to Abe for all those pledges, plus the great work with the choir and letting me enjoy it from afar ! Cheers to all ,    Jenny  ( jenpiano)

Dear all,a friend send me this email for all of you: thanks so much for your lovely street festival last weekend.  i really enjoyed it and feel very inspired. really appreciate your efforts and the beauty you helped to create.   truly awesome

I just wanted to say thankyou for organising the Hulbert St Sustainability  Fiesta with the rest of your street once again.  We were there all day on Sunday with Lee spending a lot of time sitting on your verandah knitting with Sam while Arlo and I free ranged round the place.  Lots of people were asking about our cargo bike, so hopefully we will see more around soon.  Seeing what other people have done is really inspiring and makes us want to finish our retro fit (along with lots of other things).  Thanks once again, we failed to add our support to the freo farm project so if there is a way to do it online we will. Gav

Hi Shani, here is the survey again.I am writing on an assignment and just had a break and collected the mail. A car stopped and the guy noticed our ground cover on the front verge on the w/e and came back to take a sample. I told him he was welcome to take some and now he is trimming it for us…. He said how much he enjoyed the fiesta and how thankful he is for this event and how inspiring it has been for him and his family…. Karin

 Dear Editor  Gratefulness & Sustainability Amongst a group of 6.30am South Beach dog-walkers there is a tradition of touching the groyne when you get to the end of the beach and thinking of 3 “grateful things” which you then share on the walk back.  In the spirit of that tradition I would like to share my 3 things from last weekend’s Hulbert St Sustainability Fiesta.

1.  I am grateful for the wider Fremantle community, to me community is an essential part of sustainability.  As I walked down the street looking at stalls and demonstrations, listening to music and singing, hearing speakers, looking at artworks, visiting sustainable homes I was struck by how many familiar faces I saw.  There were friends (old and new), neighbours from my school days, people from the dog beach, teachers and parents from my children’s school, colleagues, trades-people who have worked on my house and more – it was lovely to be a part of that celebration.

2.  I am grateful to be in a community where people are inspired to follow their passions and beliefs, and then to share that love.  At Hulbert St there was singing, dancing and music-making, residents making pizza and selling second hand goods, kids making lemonade and gumnut strings and young girls doing re-fashioning to name a few.  I am grateful for the people who shared their knowledge on topics including gardening, cycling, preserving, wood-working and so many other practical ways we can make our lives more sustainable.

3.  And last but not least I am grateful for Hulbert St.  Your street is a living example of community that is an inspiration to many of us.  Finally, I am so grateful to Tim and Shani – a couple who believe in what they say and do what they believe – your practical commitment to sustainability is inspiring.

Yours (in utmost gratefulness) Rebecca Prince-Ruiz PS- there were even chooks on the street – how much more Fremantle than that can you get!

Hi Tim and Shani,Just wanted to thank you guys for giving us the chance to promote our idea at the fiesta. It was a seriously amazing event and has generated some phenomonal support for dismantle.Looks like we will be getting a spot at the fremantle festival. We got 90% approval today to organise a ‘tweed run’ (see ). The ride will start at south beach and end up at the ‘norfolk lanes’ festival. Great opportunity for us and will also mean that we get sponsorship from freo council to cover all of our advertising. As well as an inclusion in the festival brochure that will be mailed to 50,000 freo residents!!! so exposure overload… Thanks heaps for the kickstart. Will keep you updated on our progress. Regards Lachy and Bridie

 Hi there J and I are wondering how you feel .Have you any idea how it all panned put. What did the assesor have to say?Words from our choir were all positive. Mike said it was great he’d never been before. All felt our singing was well received. Margaret Wilkes who has run festivals said it was very well organised, everyone seemed to know what they were supposed to be doing. There was a crowd to listen to the talk on the Men’s shed. Everyone loved your costumes. There was a great sense of community, friendly and fun.I hope you weren’t too exhausted it must have been an enormous amount of work. Well done.Love Pat and John

 Shani and Tim,You probably are just recovering after the big organizing effort over the weekend and before. I just want to tell you Congratulations and Well done!! You are inspirational! I am a passionate on sustainability and on community live and your fiesta had plenty of both. There was a lot of work and community feel into the fiesta. I enjoyed every moment of it. I had installed solar panels in my roof, have chocks and compost, walk and ride to most places, etc, but until last weekend I thought that individual efforts  were not going to change/save the planet. Your fiesta made me change my mind. You have achieved so much in your street!!! It is a great example and inspiration.  Looking forward to more Hulbert st events. Imma Farre and family

Hello Shani…I hope you are now recovered and rested after all the hard work of last week-end. Really well done again to you and Tim..i drove passed Hulbert street this arvo and it looked so different from the same time last week! What an amazing time everyone had. One of things that came up for me last week was …i thought i was ‘green’ and did not need to do course etc. but realised after visiting your space how not green i am! So am gonna do the smarties course. Thanks for venues…was wondering if i could do at the hospital as that is local for me and i do not have transport at the moment and also do not know any of the other venues. Would that be ok? Look forward to hearing. Love and light tia x

 Hello Shani & Tim My daughter and I came to the Hulbert St Fiesta and had a WONDERFUL time, it was great, inspiring, thought provoking, encouraging, all the things we can do to save water, energy and to use our natural resources. To live more with the seasons. The one highlight was seeing the ‘sun-oven’. I have wanted one for years and have thought about making one but haven’t got around to it. The sign said that there were some for sale $200 and $300. Are there any still available? Thanks Again Sue (Simmons)

Hello Shani, Tim, Sean and other Hulbert St residents Thank you for such a fabulous fiesta. (Sorry my thanks are a little late. I’ve been planning to write this for days.) It was a truly gorgeous community event with so many lovely household stalls and an inspiring and playful energy to the event. I loved how welcoming the street was, letting us into some of the gardens and homes. There was so much on offer for all ages. For Elsa the tents near the powered stage which were filled with pillows and mats were her highlight. The food also was terrific; I just needed more hours there to work through it all and try out some of the homemade lemonade. Well done to all of you for sharing your wonderful street with us and all the hours that went into putting on this enormous event. Best wishes Steph

 Dear Sharni ( & Tim) CONGRATULATIONS to you and your fellow Hulbert St community for a great fiesta! NeiL

Hi Shani and Tim Well done on another fantastic sustainability fiesta. I’ve never heard ‘Hulbert’ pronounced in so many different ways since – we’ve had people ringing up to sign up for Living Smart and when asked where they heard about it all sorts of versions of Hulbert come out. Cheers, Hana

 Hi Shani I just wanted to say what a wonderful festival it was and well done to you and all the other community members that made it happen. See you on the street no doubt!xxxx Gina

 Hello to the Hulbert St wonder people Just to let you know that some of us felt totally left out of your indulgent performance. To be greeted at the street with a barricade of signage “Gold coin”  “Per Person” “Expected” “Notes Preferred” well to be frank this put us off totally! Then when my daughter came home with a “paid” ink stamp on her well, that reminds me of  concert gigs – are you going to have arm tags & perhaps an over 18 area next year? Now you are going to tell me how much work went into it – no doubt this is true, but I did see advertised the funded grants/donations from COF & Lottery West. Isn’t it a labour of love? You know a simple little smile and a “Donations appreciated” would have got us over the line but now we will never be bothered. Regards Fran and family

 Hello Tim and Shani I am writing to say thank you for allowing HotRock to be a part of the Hulbert St Festival.  Ingrid and Lucy both thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the day. I showed my face briefly in the morning with my tribe of girls.  We were all unfortunately recovering from flu and were not able to do the event justice.  I’m looking forward to better health and energy at Hulbert St 2011. We used the festival to launch the HotRock Living Library – signing up people who are available to go into schools as sustainability guest speakers and hands-on mentors. So a big thank you for both of your efforts in this important community event. Richard Swan