The Painted Fish A Guest Review – A Delight for all the senses!

(We got this email from a guest who has come to stay with us a few times. I thought I would share it)

My husband and I have stayed at the Painted Fish many times before, in all of the accommodation options: the Carriage, the Cottage and the Studio.  I can’t decide which one I prefer. I like the Carriage for the “cute” factor and its outdoor shower; the Cottage for its unique blend of old world charm and modern eco-designs; and the Studio for its funky red couches and general air of style. 

Wherever I do stay, there are a few things that always happen:

  • I feel like I’ve reconnected with old friends;
  • I come away feeling inspired to do more with my own garden, my own community;
  • It never feels long enough;
  • I feel like I’ve nourished my soul and all of my senses.

Upon our arrival at the Painted Fish, the first thing that usually strikes me is the earthy fragrances of wooden floorboards, fresh linen and herbs in the garden.  It calms me instantly.

I never cease to be amazed at the craftsmanship in the buildings – Tim’s clever iron work can be seen all around the place – on the beds, shower heads, gates and stairwells – and his fantastic paintings decorate the walls, along with a variety of other artists’ works. 

For me, staying at the Painted Fish is about staying put and allowing myself the time to sit in the sun with a newspaper and a cup of tea (Tim and Shani have a great collection of teapots and old-fashioned cups and saucers – tea always tastes better out of a proper cup!), or listening to some relaxing music while dozing on the couch.   

The atmosphere is perfect for this.  In the main courtyard, the large Japanese Pepper tree catches the breeze and the frog pond makes for a serene addition to the garden, which also provides fresh herbs and some veggies, should I have the inclination to cook (if not, there are many restaurants and cafes an easy stroll away). 

If I’m feeling energetic I will walk down to South Beach (which is only five minutes away) or catch the free bus into Fremantle.  Tim and Shani also have bikes that you can use to get around – if you’re really keen, which I rarely am!

I always get a great night’s sleep, helped along by the plush pillows and comfy beds, and when I wake up and see the sun twinkling through the leaves on the Japanese Pepper tree, I’m ready to do it all over again.