The West Beacy Bunch is a “geographic” community group in south west Beaconsfield, near Fremantle Western Australia. The group is “exclusively inclusive” - exclusive in that you can only join if you live in the defined Beacy Bunch area (see map), but inclusive in that we focus on making sure that everyone in that area is involved.

We are proud to say that 60% of residents in the area have joined our email list, and our monthly fliers are dropped in every letter box. People can identify our fliers because they are hand written with a child’s drawing – that way they don’t get thrown out with the junk mail.

As a group we coordinate at least one activity every month – from plant swaps to outdoor movies, long table dinners to bonfires. Check out our calendar for things coming up and below for photos of our past events.

We also have three smaller sub groups. Our Yoga Group meets on Wednesdays at 10am and Saturdays at 8am. Friends of Milbourne Street Verge have taken on the revegetation of a section of verge at the end of Livingstone Street. And our Multi Site Community Garden Group currently has shared gardens on Moran Street and Beard Street – with more to come!

We have a very relaxed organisational structure. There is at least one Street Coordinator in every street who organises the distribution of notes and makes sure that folk in their street know about events and feel welcome to come along. Events are organised by anyone who is passionate about organising something. We don’t have a formal committee– most of the organising is done via a small whatsapp group.

West Beacy Bunch is keen to support “hyper local” economies by supporting people in the area who run small businesses. Our Business section has details of these businesses, many even offering discounts to those in the “Bunch”. If you need something a small business may be able to offer go hyper local. And if you live in the area and run a small business, check out the form to join the list.

We are also keen to share Resources we have that we are happy to lend to others – from a whipper snipper or fridge trolley to bunting or wine glasses for a party. Our sharing extends to the sharing of skills, whether it be gardening advice or babysitting. Check out the Resources section for more things you might need, and join in – everyone has something to offer.

If you are interested to know more check out our website -