During 2019 Shani and a few of her neighbours decided to try and  increase the community spirit and involvement in the 340 odd houses in the "west beacy" area. Our goal was to create a more resilient and responsive community - one that had the resources and connections to for example  welcome 100 people affected by some sort of climate change disaster or other event.

We are aiming for a "geographic community" rather than one focussing on interest like traditional community groups. Basically everyone in that area is invited and encouraged to attend

We began by organising a few fun events and soon each street had a "street representative" who delivered fliers and knocked on doors collecting emails. These people find their role also strengthens their connections in their street.

Events have included a afternoon tea, "meet the kids" session, plant swap, Christmas carols, games night and a pot luck dinner.

Future plans include some guerrilla planning to beautify a local neglected area of "bush", a book club and an olive collection and pressing weekend.

We are proud to say that just over 50% of the houses in that the West Beacy area are now on our "West Beacy Bunch" email list!